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Simple Uncontested Divorce

Signing Contract
If the thought of completing your own dissolution paperwork is overwhelming...
  • The questions don't apply to you...
  • The attachments make no sense...
  • Do you really need 14 forms??...
  • You don't know how to best phrase your wishes...

This approach is best when:

     A) Both Spouses have decided on and agree to all facets of their divorce (but          maybe need some help with logistics or final details).

     B) Both Spouses agree that their goal is to be amicable and avoid court, but have not thought through all the details yet. 

This packet requires in-person wet signatures from both spouses.

Let us do it for you.
When you're ready to complete your dissolution, work with Meri to simplify the process, eliminate redundancy, and to best phrase the required legal elements for your unique situation.

After only one or two appointments, have your divorce ready for filing quickly and easily, with no court appearance, for a predictable flat fee

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