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Legal Services

You've decided that you're better people, and better parents, apart. Now what? Forward Legal can help.

You're committed to not letting the divorce process get messier than it has to be.  Hire Meri jointly with your spouse to mediate your divorce and parenting plan, even if you don't see eye to eye on everything. Meri will help ensure you come away with a properly drafted agreement that is in line with what the court expects to see, and that works for both of you and your kids. Meri can handle all aspects of your joint dissolution and/or parenting plan from start to finish, including drafting all documents if you so choose, and you need only to file the packet with the court. Find out more about using mediation to handle your dissolution.

General Mediation and Settlement Conferences
Advice on do-it-yourself legal forms

When you are already working with an attorney or are in the middle of the divorce process, hire Meri at any time to mediate any of the legal and parenting issues you're dealing with. Mediation is a process designed to facilitate resolution by brain storming alternate solutions that work for everyone while keeping within the boundaries of what the court is likely to order and what is developmentally appropriate for your children. At Forward Legal we understand that legal mediation can feel overwhelming and can turn into a high pressure situation. Meri instead will focus on hearing your side of the story and giving realistic feedback on choosing battles and moving forward.

If you've decided to handle your legal issues without an attorney gain confidence in the courtroom knowing you've had your work checked and you have strategized with an experienced attorney who knows your case. You can hire Meri for advice sessions, help with hearing preparation, to draft legal briefs and motions, and to help strategize on the best way to achieve the result you want. Hire an attorney for only the parts of your case you need help with, and avoid needless litigation and legal fees. Meri will give you realistic feedback on your desired results and strategy and will help you understand the process and be ready to think on your feet. Or, if you are ready to draft a complete uncontested divorce, Meri can advise or draft every step of the way.

Legal Representation and Litigation

Though you've done your best to remain civil and avoid needless battles, some things are just worth fighting for. Meri will attentively help you work toward your goals, representing you in court in matters of:

  • dissolution of marriage

  • parenting plans

  • guardianship of minors or adults

  • third party parenting and grandparent rights

  • intervention in dependent neglect matters

  • step parent adoption and private termination 

  • enforcement of parenting plans or property settlement agreements

investigation and reporting

Sometimes your co-parenting case gets stuck in an endless cycle of conflict and the Court directs you to hire an investigator or facilitator to help you learn to shield your children from the effects of your disputes. Meri can be hired as an expert to investigate your case and make recommendations to you and to the court regarding parenting plans designed to reduce the opportunity for conflict, communication strategies between conflicted co-parents, anger management in the co-parenting context, and the effects of conflict on children. 

     Meri can also act as visitor in guardianship cases, reporting to the court whether a guardianship is necessary to protect an adult or minor child.

Flat Fee legal projects

Simple projects at flat fees:

  • calculation of child support

  • uncontested dissolution and parenting plan

  • premarital agreements (drafting or review)

  • legal research

  • contract review

  • simple wills and estate planning

  • uncontested adoption or guardianship of minor

  • uncontested guardianship of adult

Other Legal Services

Don't hesitate to call to discuss other types of legal services with Forward Legal.

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