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 Forza Consulting

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Resilience training, soft skills workshops, and wellness initiatives for lawyers and law offices.

"Forza" is a musical term meaning "with strength!" in italian. From her many years of musical experience, Meri knows that when a musician sees it on the page she, without hesitation, brings all the strength she has to the music with immediacy and fortitude. If we all approached wellness as automatically and ritualistically as when it's called for in music, we would be setting boundaries and taking care of ourselves in a way that could cure the legal profession of chronic stress. Meri's mission is to cure the legal profession of chronic stress through searching for vital behaviors and rituals that bring balance to the profession.


Resilience and Thriving Workshops for Legal Professionals. These 2-hour interactive workshops are designed to help identify sources of stress, early warning signs of burnout, and ways to manage. Participants will leave with new knowledge about stress and a plan to tackle it.  Learn more here.


Work with Meri one on one to strategize a well-being program for your firm, office, or local bar. Review your operations to find key sources of stress and develop a plan to eliminate or better handle them. Increase engagement by fostering support for wellbeing in the workplace.

Program Management

Work with Meri as your devoted workplace wellness coordinator to handle all aspects of your workplace wellness program. Implement your vision for a resilient workplace by adopting wellbeing policies and proving your entire office with wellbeing opportunities. 

Resilience Coaching

For individual attorneys, work with Meri for support and accountability in tackling the stressors of the profession. Having a devoted wellbeing coach in your corner can be just the boost you need to find resilience and happiness in your field.

Join the team!

Pilot Program Focus Groups, Interviews, and advisory board. Meri is collecting stories of burnout, chronic stress, and personal victories in order to create a comprehensive Wellness Initiative for the legal profession. If you would like to participate, please reach out!

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