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When you're ready for a divorce but aren't sure where to start

We can help

When you're ready for a divorce but aren't sure where to start

We can help

Simple, Straightforward, and Amicable

When you and your spouse agree on most everything but the paperwork and the process are both daunting: let us handle it. After one office visit and a bit of homework you will be on your way to completing your amicable divorce in a few short weeks.


After you explain your wishes to us, we handle all the paperwork and provide you with a package to simply sign and drop off with the clerk without having to set foot in the court room.


Find out more about filing a simple uncontested divorce, here.


Divorce and/or Parenting Mediation

Mediation is appropriate for families who know they do not want to get swamped by the divorce process, do not want to go to court, but don’t agree on everything.   With the help of a neutral attorney mediator over the course of a few short meetings, couples can gracefully work through the issues at hand to come to an agreement that works best for everyone. 


By agreeing to hire one attorney jointly as your mediator, you will save on the costs of hiring separate attorneys, and can easily avoid the conflict and heartache that accompany the adversarial process. Once an agreement is reached, we will provide you with a fully drafted divorce package to sign and drop off with the clerk for the Court’s signature.

Find out more about joint dissolution mediation here.


Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a highly structured divorce mediation process for couples who may have wide-ranging disagreements but strongly agree that their dispute is not going to be best-solved in the courtroom.  Couples will sign an agreement to stay out of  court and will begin a process of meetings mediated by a mental health professional trained to assist the parties in moving through the divorce process while rebuilding two families from one. Each spouse has their own attorney to advocate for them, and the family also receives advice from a neutral financial professional. The parties will work together to identify issues, collect relevant information, evaluate options, and will meet until a resolution is reached that will create the best chances for stability for the future for both families.

Find out more about Collaborative Divorce here.



Traditional Divorce or Parenting: Litigation

When emergencies arise, or couples can’t see eye to eye on anything, a traditional divorce is the final option.  You will need a skilled attorney who is knowledgeable about your judge and the process in order to achieve a reasonable result. In the litigation setting, typically one spouse files his or her proposal, the other may respond within 21 days, the parties spend time collecting information, and prior to a hearing the parties are sent to a settlement conference to attempt to resolve the case out of court. Litigation is required when a spouse either won't cooperate or won't respond to requests to establish a divorce or parenting plan using any of the joint methods above.


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