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Divorce and Parenting, Simplified:

Uncomplicated divorce and parenting for a predictable flat fee.

Licensed Attorney practicing Family Law and Mediation in Missoula, Montana

About Meri


With sixteen years of experience in crisis management Meri provides the calm,  clarity and focus you need when your world feels on edge.  Meri is ready and capable of handling your legal and family disputes with a clear focus on resolving issues and moving forward, letting you focus on what really matters, rather than being trapped in the past.  Meri's unique skill set and presence will help you choose your battles and reach a resolution you can feel good about.  Meri has a B.A. in Psychology from Lawrence University and J.D. with honors from the University of Montana in 2011.



Forward Legal concentrates on family law with an emphasis on resolution over needless litigation. We provide primarily:

  • Settlement conferences

  • Mediation

  • Collaborative divorce

  • Legal advice on self-help forms

When you and your spouse are ready to work together, even if you don't agree on everything, we will help assure you can accomplish a divorce without going to court. But when you're stuck in a cycle of high conflict, Meri is ready to help, with  high conflict settlement conferences, drafting strict parenting plans, and litigation.  




I may be able to accept new clients for the following services:

Family Law where both spouses are willing to collaborate

- simple joint divorce (find out more here)

- joint dissolution mediation (find out more here)

- settlement conferences or short single-issue mediation sessions

- collaborative divorce (find out more here)


- guardianship of adults or minors

- simple estate planning

- adoption (step-parent or via child protective services)

I am not currently accepting new clients in the following areas:

-representation in contested divorce or parenting matter/screenings for potential

 non-collaborative divorce

-GAL or parenting coordination

-High conflict mediations with no attorneys assigned

*Current booking timeframe- scheduling for after spring break (after Mar. 27th)

415 N. HIggins Ave. Suite 1


Missoula, MT 59802

Please use the contact form below for all inquiries. Include the name of your spouse for a conflict check and describe whether you and your spouse are working together amicably. Due to a high volume of contacts, requests such as "please contact me" may not be returned.

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